We Sponsored a Hot Wings Challenge!

We Sponsored a Hot Wings Challenge!

Back in April we were asked if we could supply ProQ Smokers with an insanely hot sauce for their event at Harbour Brewing in Bodmin - and of course we said yes!

Our The F'ing Hot One wasn't hot enough for ProQ founder Ian and so we were tasked with taking it to the next level which is exactly what we did.

For those who don't know, ProQ® are experts in BBQ, food smoking, and the art of using smoke in cookery and food preservation. ProQ® is a globally respected brand, with more than 70 products across their domestic and professional ranges.

With 11 teams taking part in the King of the Q BBQ Competition, it was a brilliant day. The quality of the food produced was just incredible and enjoyed under the beautiful Cornish blue skies. Each team had to create 6 dishes so there were 66 dishes to judge (pretty jealous of the judges who got to eat it all!).

Hundreds, if not a couple of thousand, people were there enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of BBQ and beer - the perfect combo!

Later on in the day came the hot wing eating challenge. Throughout the day, whilst selling our hot sauces, we were gathering a 'squad' of hot sauce enthusiasts wanting to take part in the challenge. 



120 Hot Wings were marinated and cooked in our extra F'ing Hot Sauce - made up of Carolina Reapers! Here are the brave 8 above!

Here's a video of how recipe development went...


@thecornishsmokesquad Do we make this an actual product?? #hotsauce #npd #newproduct #cornwallfood ♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger


The challenge? Who could eat 10 of these hot wings in the quickest time.

The challenge only took around 3 minutes (!) and luckily only a few tears were shed (oh and a bit of snot!)

Here is the winner!

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