Celebrating ONE YEAR of The Cornish Smoke Squad!

Celebrating ONE YEAR of The Cornish Smoke Squad!

Can you believe it's been a whole year since we, The Cornish Smoke Squad, burst onto the scene like a fiery jalapeño pepper? Let's take a look back at all our spicy highlights from our first year in the hot sauce game!

Jake and Abi, founders of The Cornish Smoke Squad, pictured behind their stand at an event.

We may only be a small team of 3, but we  managed to achieve some seriously saucy milestones. We hit the ground running by supplying the UK's biggest hot sauce subscription, Bauce Brothers within a mere 3 months of launch. Talk about setting the bar high!

What were our big moments?

From showcasing the brand at the prestigious BBC Good Food Show to sponsoring a hot wings challenge for a global BBQ brand, we made sure we were on everyone's radar. And let's not forget our big move to launch on Amazon UK - talk about spreading the heat far and wide!

Showcasing the brand at BBC Good Food, Chicken wings cooked and coated in hot sauce, gentleman eating a hot wing.

In just one year, we cooked up and launched a whopping 8 flavours of hot sauce. That's more flavours than there are days in a week! From mild to wild, we've got a sauce for every taste bud.

The 7 flavours

A big thank you to everyone who supported us in our first year, whether thats purchasing from us or simply sharing us on socials - it is all greatly appreciated!

So here's to many more years for The Cornish Smoke Squad !

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